About Me​​​​​
Hi! I'm Chris Ramirez, a.k.a. Chris Ram. I'm a human being with a love for color, energy and all things art. I'm well-known for my sense of humor, individuality, and imagination. Color, style and energy are qualities that grab the human eye, but also keep my viewers fully entertained.
When I'm not in the studio shooting, or retouching, I enjoy an iced latte and a thrift store. Or a movie marathon.
Style is the answer to everything. A fresh way to approach a dull or dangerous thing. To do a dull thing with style is preferable to doing a dangerous thing without it. To do a dangerous thing with style is what I call art. 
- Charles Bukowski
Chris Ram is an award-winning Los Angeles based portrait, product and food photographer specializing in dramatic lighting, bold colors and experimental photography techniques. Chris shoots for advertising, editorial and commercial clients, and his well known for his unique way of creating. 

Available for hire everywhere.
Phone: (310) 413-0444
Instagram:  @chrisramphoto

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